Route Service is the traditional name given for our full service plans. We install Speed Queen equipment and repair free of charge, then split the monthly revenue based on a negotiated percentage. A lease is similar but has a set monthly fee and is suitable for smaller properties.

Quite simply, we can offer your community a higher quality of service.

We are a local family owned company with our main office located within our service area. We train our own technicians in house and do not rely on outsourcing our repairs to other companies or general appliance repair technicians. We specialize in ONLY repairing commercial laundry equipment and as more and more technology is pumped into our appliances, we are training our service techs to be able to identify any problems and repair them in a timely manner. It is our goal to maintain a response time of 2 business days or less for service calls.

Cost. We have purchasing power with all of our vendors and this allows us to buy the equipment, parts and any other accessories needed at lower prices. We also know how to repair the equipment, so when something does break, you make one call, text or email to our service line and our goal is to make the service call within 2 business days or less. This saves you time from having to find a repair person, hoping they know your specific make and model of equipment.

Never spend money on expensive commercial laundry repairs. You can expect commercial repair techs to charge 2-3 times what a domestic repairman would charge. And there is no guarantee they will fix the problem, leaving you with a machine that is still broken, a huge bill for the techs time and a headache knowing you have to start over looking for someone else. With our route service agreement or lease, laundry repairs are included.

Convenience. Everyone is busy these days and to have to take time out of your hectic schedule to go collect the coins, count them and then lug them to a bank is just a hassle. We offer different options to save you time – from a variety of laundry payment options for your customers, to having us collect coins for you.

$0. Nothing. Nada. Hopefully that gets your attention!

We will come out and do an evaluation of your laundry room facilities to see what type of program is best for your community and what types of machines would best suit your residents. With Route Service, installation and service are included.

Good quality laundry equipment is expensive, but it is beneficial in many ways. Your residents will be more inclined to use newer equipment. They will be happier with higher quality equipment and cleaner clothes. You will be happier knowing you have one less thing to deal with in maintaining your community.

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There are many different reasons we use Speed Queen®, however, the main reason is reliability. Over the 30+ years we have been in business, we have tested and repaired many other brands, but Speed Queen® has always been our brand of choice. They are still made in the USA.

The Speed Queen® motto is, “Built Better to Last Longer.” We have been around long enough to attest to this statement.

Speed Queen® washing machines also do a superior job at removing dirt and laundry detergent from your clothes compared to other brands.

If you are a Route Service customer or are leasing equipment from us, service is included. Regular wear and tear on equipment is normal, so parts and labor will be included for the life of the contract.

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