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Modern Technology For You And Your Tenants

Laundroworks Card Reader: Gallery

For Just About Any Sized Laundyroom

  • Convenient and Easy-to-use

  • Eliminate coin counting

  • Low startup and setup fees

  • Real-time Monitoring & Alerts

  • SMS Text Message Alerts

  • Raise and Lower Vend Price

  • Detailed Collection Data

  • Customer Web Portal

  • Wireless Technology

Our card readers are simple and dependable systems. Your tenant adds value onto their card through a Value-Add-Center (VAC). They can get SMS text message alerts when their laundry has finished and look online to see if there is a machine available to use. With real-time monitoring, you can see how often your machines are in use, who is using them, and diagnostic tools that alert you and your repair service company when a machine needs servicing, minimizing downtime.

Avoid counting coins and dealing with taking heavy bags to the bank. Remove the possibility of coin counting errors and theft from coin collection. Eliminate costly damage from anyone trying to break into the coin box. 

We can install and maintain a card system, through our route service program for approximately the same price as a traditional coin service contract. Upgrade your laundry rooms today and eliminate the headache of trying to maintain and manage your laundry facilities. 

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