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Revenue Sharing Program designed to save you time and money

Route Service is a revenue sharing program where we install and maintain the equipment for you. We collect, count and service the equipment and split the negotiated revenues. We also have Lease options available if you would like the benefit of having new equipment and regular maintenance, but would prefer to pay a monthly fee and collect all the coins yourself. 

We will come out and do a free evaluation of your property to see what type of system is best for your community and what type of machines would best suit your tenants. 

Increase your revenues. Good quality laundry equipment is expensive, but it is beneficial in many ways. Your tenants will be more inclined to use newer equipment. You will be happier knowing you have one less thing to deal with in maintaining your communities. Your tenants will be happier with the easy to use equipment that will get their clothes cleaner.

Don't pay out of pocket for equipment that can cost you thousands of dollars to setup, only to see them breakdown and require pricey repair techs and parts to get you back up and running before they break again.

Have peace of mind with our Premium Route Service package. Our coin laundry machines for lease are high quality and built to last by Speed Queen.

We can provide your laundry room facilities with Coin or Card Ready systems.

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